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There is so much going on, not the least being trying to get some rest when you're doing consecutive show nights.
I might manaage to type a few words on Twitter, because that's all you're allowed, but I like to go a bit more in depth on my blog.
The last two shows have been absolutely brilliant!
The Llandudno bunch were, as I said on Twitter, an audience to rival other audiences.
Warm, enthusiastic, vocal, ready to let their hair down.
Since I described them that way I've been told a couple of times that Llandudno crowds are usually rather subdued.
They must be joking!
It was a night to remember for everyone involved.
The York audience was also an exceptional treat.
Responsive, good laughers, which is always important to me.
It makes it very easy to give your all if they're ready and willing to accept it.
The band has been wonderful, but that goes without saying.
They're great players and singers who don't have any choice but to be KILLER every night, because they ARE killer.
It's what they do.
The queues after the shows have been long.
Nice to see everyone, face to face, but we really have had to cut out all the individual posed photos for fear of being there for another hour or more.
The venues frown on having to keep staff on duty any longer than is absolutely necessary.
Pics are still snapped while I'm signing.
I will wave if I see it happening.
Sneaky selfies are taken.
But waiting while folks figure out how their cameras work or having to take a pic a second time because the first didn't come out simply takes more time than we have.
I swear it's not because I've become a diva.

Off to tonight's venue now.
We expect another good house.
I'll get back on here as soon as I can. ~


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