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Went to see Stephen Fry last night.
He was at the Royal Festival Hall in London and we were at our local cinema.
Quite a racket.
The show was streamed 'live' to 300 cinemas in the UK alone, with simultaneous showings in Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and a few more territories.
A world tour in one evening!!!
I think this concept would work better for plays and spoken word performances than it would for music, but I'm sure it will become a trend anyway.
Mr Fry was very entertaining.
He's an funny, eloquent man with just enough 'problems' to be quirky and interesting.
I've gone to two other of these kinds of viewings in the past several months - Monty Python at the O2 and the Bill Nighy play - with this being the first actual 'live' one.
It's strange not to be able to show your appreciation to the performers but, in this day and age, I suppose that's achieved by buying tickets.
Another sunny day.
Lulled into a false sense of climate well being.
I'll take it!

Later, friends. ~


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