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As always, a Liverpool audience takes it out of you...but in a good way!
They're UP for a BIG time and I hope the fellas and I provided one.
There were alot of folks that hadn't seen me before...IN LIVERPOOL?

WoW! Felt like I'd seen everyone in the city at least once over the years.
Three more shows before the last day off.
Then, three more til the end of the tour.
Not gonna go on right now. Wanna lie down.
I find myself (wisely) conserving my energy as we come into the home stretch.
I mean, I may ACT like a 12 year old, but I'm almost 2 years from 5 times that.
Once again, thanks to everyone who has come along to a show (or more - Sev said he met a guy at the hotel in Skegness that had been to EVERY SINGLE SHOW and, I guess, was 'doing' the whole tour.
See the rest of you somewhere in the coming week.


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