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Well, dear and brave hearts, I will be picked up by my trusty companion, Adrian, in about 6 hours, to head to London and the Jonathan Ross Show.
I'll have a guitar with me. No telling if they'll leave the song selection to me or if they will have an agenda of their own. Either way is cool with me.
Nice to have a couple days off. Really only served to illustrate how hard we've been working. Not gonna mind Sunday and Monday off as well.
We're pretty much back at it then, to the end.
Hope the fellas had a little time to wind down. Wasn't much. Never is on this kind of tour. But, really, once you have a momentum going...well, you've read the poem by now.
OK. I should go at least make believe I'm asleep...as a concession to the Gods of Reason and All That Is Sane and Practical.


P.S. Nice to have Sev all cozy and close by...like a little village.


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