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Here we are on the 14th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy.
I moved to the UK a year later.
I couldn't help but notice how few mentions the event got this year.
Compared to past years that is.
I suppose it's only natural.
Time = healing and all that.
The world has been in a state of emergency ever since.
Children under 14 will only ever see it as an historic event.
Like JFK or the space shuttle explosion.
They will have their own "I remember exactly where I was when..." In their lifetimes.
We older folks will have yet another one.
Maybe more.

Australia looms ever larger.
We have a rehearsal on October 1st.
We'll have a lot to accomplish in just one day.
It's the only time we could get everyone together due to other commitments.
As well as playing over all the songs in the show we will be adding two that I think are essential for the OZ setlist.
We did get to refresh ourselves on about half of the tunes for the Danish festival, but there is still a great deal to contend with.

Went to see my pal, Iain Lee, do his one man show, 'Iain Lee VS Radio', in Brighton last night.
Very, very entertaining, as is his morning show on BBC WM.
He says he's uncomfortable being up there alone, but it sure doesn't come over that way.
Check out his show listings and do go see him if you can.
I like the guy a lot, personally and professionally.
Tell him I sent you.

So, as some of you would have seen or heard, there are a few new developments, in my world, but still early days.
I will say no more until I can say it all.

Nice day.
Going out in it.
Will meet another mate for tea and a whinge.
Gym later this afternoon.
Was lazy and not feeling great the last week - same crud everybody seems to be dealing with in varying degrees.
Been back at it this week tho.
I should be looking at least 'good for my age' by the time I board the first of however many flights it will take to get to the other side of the world this time!


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