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About the time I was starting to think today was a write off, weather-wise, the sun came out...and, believe it or not, kinda went back behind the clouds as I typed this.
I'll just have to see what it's doing when I'm ready to go out.
Hasn't been much to report.
All roads lead to Australia right now.
Not looking forward to that lonnnnnnng trip again but I know it will be worth it once I'm there.
Been doing a bunch of interviews for the tour but it looks like they may be on hold for this week.
The OZ Prime Minister has been challenged so all media swings towards politics for however many days this remains a major issue.
More gym time this week.
Not sure how much good it's doing me but I will be better off doing it than not.
I'll check back in if anything exciting or informative happens.
More sun.
Guess I should pull it together. ~

PS - Nevermind! It's dark and pissing again!



Posts: 2,082
Just read that Whitney Houston's hologram is going to tour the world next year.
It's a ghoulish concept that has been on it's way for awhile now.
I'll bet classic acts like Madonna, Kiss, Neil Diamond, etc etc, have already started stocking their hologram pantries with post-mortem performances.
They'll be able to tour these images everywhere at the same time.
There will be no artist/audience communication and no need for applause as there will be no one up there to appreciate or accept the adulation.
No more divas or difficult artists to deal with.
Just greedy 'estates'.
Expect this to be a huge trend.
Tribute bands beware!!!
"Posthumous Productions Presents..."
From the cradle to the grave...to the concert stage!

Good grief! ~


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