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Went out to the site of the arts festival on Saturday.
Really lovely part of England.
We were given a tour of the surrounding property by Christin, the land owner, and it is spectacular.
I didn't realize there are only four artists exhibiting their work at the event.
Two painters, a sculptor and me.
I'm trying hard not to feel like a pretender.
But, they say art is subjective and I suppose mine is exactly that.
If it makes sense to you and you like it, cool.
I'll be on Meridian FM on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm for a quick chat about the festival and yadda yadda.
Will probably last about 15 minutes at the most.

Meanwhile, we're still working on my 'real' career.
It's starting to look like whatever I do next year will be done with a band, so that's the stage I'm at now.
I want it to be a proper musical presentation, with musicians and background singers.
If it's going to be done, it's going to be done right.
No one from any of my past bands will be involved.
It will reflect the brand new day that it is.
There's so much stuff that has to be covered in that kind of situation.
It's not as simple as me being out there alone.
It's a circus, meaning more work for everyone involved and has to be worth the effort.

OK, just wanted to check in for a second and let everyone know I still have a heartbeat and brainwaves and that both are on full throttle.
Later. ~


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