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People are so fucking weird!
Believe me when I say I count myself in there.
For one thing, I will never understand why someone would go to a social media outlet and post 'Not having a good day!' and leave it at that.
What is that supposed to do?
Make people ask what's wrong?
Just include that in the first post.
Then everyone can say 'Oh, sorry to hear your tooth fell out' or whatever.
Does it help make the poster feel better to tell a large number of invisible people that they're not having a good day?
Why not turn to a confidante a bit closer or more tangible?
It's like professing your deepest love and affection on Fakebook for someone rather than just telling that person alone.
This is not a new thing or an original thought and one I probably should just Kept to myself.
Actually, it's none of my damned business what people say or do.
It just got 'up me jumper' today.
That's where my weirdness come into play, I guess.
So I posted it.
It hasn't made me feel even a tiny bit better.
But I don't feel worse.

The weather doesn't look great, but I have a few things I have to do.
It was supposed to suck yesterday but was OK - blue skies, sunny - for awhile.
Then it became a totally different season.

Seems like evvvvvvverybody has rediscovered Australia as a viable touring grounds these days.
From The Stones to Taylor Swift to Simply Red (who, believe it or not, have never been there!).
And dozens of the non-arena acts as well.
The competition to sell tickets is fierce.
Just a pair of them for one of the larger acts can wipe out someone's concert budget.
We're doing OK as things stand.

So, I'll stop here, knowing full well that today's entry was a bunch of pointless twaddle.
But, hey! that's supposedly the kind of emotional debris this here blog space was set up to handle.
Oh, by the way, I'm having a pretty good day today.
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