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Making my way to the airport.
Not the one closest to me.
The other one.
The flights dictated it.
We don't leave for Denmark until about 3 something but we all check in together with lots of bags and road cases so we convene earlier than one might perceive to be necessary.
Until, of course, it IS necessary because of the (more than) occasional proverbial cow on the tracks.
We play a festival tomorrow night.
Soon we will be in the middle of the UK tour, with winter all around us.
Already dark by the time we get to soundcheck at 4pm.
So one more outdoor gig is just fine.
As long as the weather is too.
But we've been pretty lucky as far as that goes.
We don't get to the hotel until nearly 9pm tonight.
We were told there will be a meal ready for us when we arrive.
Always the big decision for me!
What a strange life this is.
I had no preconceived intentions of picking up the pace to this degree.
To those folks who insist on telling me this isn't a world tour because we haven't made it to where they live I'd like to say IT BLODDY WELL IS!
And I have the travel miles and passport stamps to document it.
Well, gonna chill, read a magazine and eventually join my mates at the airport.
Not the one closest to me.
The other one. ~


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