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Heading out to the site of the arts festival in about an hour.
It's time to hang my cartoon exhibit today.
The festival starts at 6pm on Tuesday the 23rd for invited guests only.
I've been trying to work out what the hell to play for folks who have come to look rather than listen.
I think I'm just gonna have to walk up there and wing it.
Thank goodness Simon will be at the soundboard.
At the Swedish festival I spontaneously decided to throw in The Heat and he knew by where I was placing the capo on my guitar what I was about to do and adjusted his settings accordingly.
I'm hoping we may be able to announce something for 2015 soon, but I am going to wait until that something is DEFINITE.
I trust everyone has been enjoying the wave of summer weather we've been having.
Very pleasant, but, just like waking up feeling good at my age, you have to wonder how long it can possibly last.
But, as of right now, sun's out and I'm on my way to do something new.
Not sure how it will go, but just the fact that it's happening is a kick. ~


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