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Just checking in.
Was resigned to staying home a couple of hours ago because it was dark and pissy.
Now it's bright and sunny.
I'll take a shower and give it time to change again.

Lots going on but nothing that can be mentioned yet, I'm afraid.
I only say that because I seem to be getting quite a few email from territories of the world I haven't been to with the new band and many of them ask why I'm not coming there.
The question we're working steadily to answer is 'when' not 'why not'.
As I said some blog entries ago, it's a world tour so it could take time to accomplish.
And I'm doing it 'in person'.
No hologram will be going out in my place.
So I simply have to BE THERE!

Seems to be a nice reaction to some of my solo work on Twitter lately.
Just about the time I've committed to delivering the Hook stuff to everyone.
Maybe if I let everyone know the 'guy from Dr Hook' is still alive and active more of them will check out the product of my afterlife.
It was my purpose not to release 'trendy' music with a short shelf life.

Rehearsal a week from this Thursday, leave for Australia a week after that. ~


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