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It's almost 4am.
I've been watching TV with one eye and drawing with the other.
I've done my basic clothes packing tonight with incidentals to come during the daytime hours.
Being picked up about 3-4pm for the drive to the hotel we'll be in for the first two shows.
Nice to be starting the tour playing to full houses.
I'm more pleased than I could express to you here about how well the tour has been received.
I know a lot of it is the resurgence of the Hook name and I'd like to believe that my personal association with the name has also been responsible, in part, for the positive reaction.
Whatever the point of interest is it seems to be spreading to the right plsces at the right time.
By the time the house lights go down and the band hits the stage on Friday night there will have been so much to consider and plan and do and, in some cases, re-do.
Think of the show as the prepared banquet for you to enjoy without ever having had to, yourselves, step foot into the sweaty, messy, sometimes chaotic kitchen.
I will, however and as usual, do my best to provide somewhat regular glimpses into how things roll behind the scenes.
At least as I see it anyway.
Gonna be sensible and pack it in for a few hours.
And, so, it begins... ~



Posts: 2,082
Slept about 3 hours.
Couldn't lie there any longer.
The work that's been being done in my kitchen is on hold now for awhile.
I tried my best to encourage they get it done before the tour kicked off but, just like with anything else one tries to do in a timely fashion, there were delays, complications and out right fuck ups.
The kitchen is functional now if not completely finished.
So that's good news for whenever I find myself home for a few days.
Still have a bunch to do to get ready so I'll leave it here.
These blog entries ain't all gonna be wildly interesting, but you asked for them (again) so I will do my best. ~


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