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Today is the day the arts festival begins.
Well, it's an 'invitation only' opening night and it's officially open starting tomorrow.
Still not sure what to sing for everybody.
Love songs don't seem appropriate.
Ask Her for the Mayor of East Grinstead?
He might find it funny at a party or concert but this event is pretty general as far as the audience goes, so why risk offending someone?
Like I said, I'll have to wing it.
Only doing 45 minutes or so.
I'm actually singing from a balcony above everyone.
Not sure how conducive that will be to entertaining the people in attendance down below.
Uhhhh, I'm probably overthinking it.
I must admit I'm looking forward to not having to think about anything but the future after today.
The offstage events of the past couple of years have given my usual sense of adventure and exuberance a serious battering.
I must be on my 4,000,000,000th wind by now, no?
Hope everyone enjoys seeing a few of the cartoons from the exhibit.
If I was any more 'out to sea' they'd have helicopters and coast guard boats looking for me.

Later. ~



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