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Well, the tour got off to a great start last night!
If I had any reservations about bringing back DR HOOK they have been dispelled by the events of the last year or so.
A lovely, friendly, sold out crowd were in attendance and they gave us a wonderful kick off and, as always the band was killer, rising up to meet every highpoint.
There's absolutely nothing like hearing all those many voices raised in song or laughter.
The queue afterwards went on forever, chatting, getting signatures, taking photos.
Act III as Adrian and I call it because it's almost as important to my relationship with the people as the show that comes before it.
Playing to another sold out house tonight.
How nice it feels to know that what I did with my life means so much to folks.
It hasn't always been easy or certain.
As a matter of fact, sometimes there's been enough doubt to make me wonder if I'd wasted my time, which is an unsettling thought when you get to where I am in the calendar.
It seems I haven't.
I have a few hours before we head off to the Theatre Royal.
I will do my best between here and Twitter to keep everyone in the loop. ~


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