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Another day where I'mjust checking in with not a lot to report.
Been doing a good many late night interviews with Australian press and radio.
The latest bunch ran until about 2:45am this morning.
Bet I've done at least 50, maybe more so far.

Went to see comedian Hal Cruttenden last night.
He's a very funny man with a delivery all his own.
I've seen him before.
His new show is called Straight Outta Cruttenden and I believe the tour he's on now is a warm up for a bigger outing next year.
Whatever it was he was about as funny as funny gets.

Looks like a sunny day today.
I could use the walk and fresh air.
In about two weeks I'm not gonna have much leg stretching time for almost a month.
Ought to take advantage of what there is, especially while it isn't raining.
I'll be returning to winter in November.
Hell, I may be leaving under those same conditions.
Funny ol' England.

Things are moving along.
But moving, nonetheless. ~


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