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Just checking in.
Not much of burning interest to tell you.
A couple of set backs in our 2015 touring plans, at least as far as I'm concerned.
I may be substituting something I'd like to do for something that's become available to me.
Never a happy choice when you're in perpetual state of arrested development, as I, or anyone who is of a certain age and in my business, has to be.
The opportunities that present themselves aren't always the ones you'd prefer to take.
Some would say 'Hey, it's an opportunity, none the less.'.
Yeeeaaaaah, wellllll, I dunno 'bout that.
I'm trying to think more like a businessman and less like a hippie these days.
After all, I started my own production company, not a commune.
But, I have to say Bllllllleeeeehhhhhhhhh!!! to that whole way of living.
There is no juice in it.
No art.
Unless, of course, your particular talent is making money, despite what you might be hawking.
One of the drawbacks of having a lot is reckoning with how you're gonna hold on to it.
If you got it being a sinner, chances are you won't keep it by becoming a saint.
On the other hand, if you have nothing and you get something, it will take you a joyous while to discover any drawbacks there might be.
Once the rent is paid and the belly is full you might have time to think.
Let me know what you come up with.

Next week I'll be bringing my cartoons, about 29 of them, to the site of the art festival that's happening later this month, to be displayed.
I hear some of the country's, hell, the world's greatest artists will be showing their wares.
And, then, there's me.
Ought to be surreal.

Off to Sweden on Friday morning.
We'll land in Copenhagen and drive to the site of the festival.
Well, actually to the hotel near the site of the festival.
There we will sit for about 24 hours until the transport van takes us to the gig.
I think I mentioned that the roster for this fest is more of the country/folk ilk so I shouldn't have to bring a chainsaw as well as my acoustic guitar.
You know.
Just in case.
I also think I'm 'headlining' on the night I play.
The Swedish audience will know a good bit about what I did with Hook and, maybe, a taste of what I did after.
Some of them will have watched me go from Bigfoot in an overcoat to Mr Romance in eyeliner.
Let's hope I've settled somewhere compromisingly recognizable, huh?
To all of us.

I trust everyone is enjoying the mini-resurgence of what passes for summer in the UK.
I even had a cold drink with my book today.
Stretching it a bit, yes.

OK, friends.
More, either before or during my rock and roll Scandinavian weekend. ~



Posts: 2,082

September 3rd ~

Went to see a play last night.
Actually, it was an 'encore' performance of a West End production of David Hare's Skylight.
That means it was recorded 'live' on a London stage during it's run and shown in cinemas across the UK.
A brief interview with the playwright revealed that he felt this was the only way to get audiences to see his work because road company productions don't sell tickets these days.
This is the second one of these we've been to in the last month, the first being the Monty Python O2 show.
It's going to become a bigger and bigger option I believe and probably one that will give people a chance to see West End plays and arena productions and not have to pay high theatre ticket prices, as well as congestion charges, parking and, possibly, dinner.

The cinema was not large but the place was not full, so, even with this golden opportunity, folks are not coming out in droves.
Sign of  woeful times for the entertainment industry.

Recorded back on July 17th, the play starred Carry Mulligan and Bill Nighy.
It was her first time treading the West End boards and he had originated the role eighteen years ago.
Excellent performances from both actors and an imaginative stage set made it a lovely theatre experience.
The only real drawback is that you can't show your appreciation for the actors because they aren't there.
So, the curtain calls are a bit frustrating almost to the point of being pointless, but it's still nice to be able to watch a great performance that you may have otherwise missed.

In the next week or so I'm going to see if we can post at least a few of the cartoons that will be displayed at the arts festival later this month.
Trying to get them organized enough to scan and send to the folks that are doing the brochure.
I have no idea how my drawings will be received, but it will be exciting to find out.
I'm playing a short set on the opening 'Invitation Only' night.
Don't think any of the other artists will be doing that.
Here's a link to some info on the festival -

OK, that's it for now.
More later...or later still. ~



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