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I'm very tired tonight.
I mean the 'I could fall asleep typing' kinda tired.
Been a busy week.
Did interviews until 2:30am last night, then spoke to McCloskey for about an hour afterwards.
Finally got into bed about 5:15, but some still active part of my brain woke me up about 7:30 and that was pretty much it for me.
It's pushing 11pm.
If I had any sense I would go to bed right now.
Tomorrow is a long rehearsal day with an early leave time for London.
We have to be done about 9pm because all the gear has to be packed and made ready to be shipped to Australia.
This has to happen days before we arrive.
Adrian, Michelle and I are flying next Thursday and the rest of the band head down on the 10th.
I should have Saturday and Sunday to figure out where the hell I am.
Then two days of TV and radio begin on Monday.
Off to Hobart, Tasmania on the 13th where the tour starts the next night.
From there it's catch a breath where and while you can until the end.
And I'm not exagerrating.
I've heard we'll even leave for the airport just a couple of hours after the last show, check in about 3am and fly out about 6am.
Hustling, right to the very end.
I don't have the wherewithal to check those details right now.
We'll be gone a few days short of a month.
I suppose you can almost count this as the first Aussie tour blog entry.
It's all forward motion from here. ~


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