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It must be me.
I guess I'm just past being able to enjoy or even tolerate hotel dwelling at this point in my life.
We landed in Copenhagen and drove to this one in Malmo. It's a nice hotel as hotels go but the little things - and they are just that - that help make my stay bearable are non-existent.
The beds are tiny, the duvet barely covers you, especially when you are the kind of restless sleeper I am.
I have to decide whether I'd rather have my legs or my ass hanging out.
The pillows are like bags of tissue paper.
I swear I don't know how it's possible for anyone to sleep like that.
And I'm not all that large a person.
Maybe the idea is to get so pissed that you can fall asleep in the lift.
There is a little kettle in my room but there were only two tea bags and no milk.
Powdered 'creamer' is what you get.
I wandered down to the lobby to see if I could find anything to consume but the restaurant is closed and probably will be until we leave for the gig.
I'm sitting down here, typing this, in an area where they have complimentary tea and coffee but the water is tepid at best.
I just asked if they can bring some hot water.
I always feel like such a fucking diva when I say these things but it's not like I complain if I don't have all the comforts of home.
I'm talking about a reasonably comfortable bed, which shouldn't be too much to expect in a place where you pay to mostly sleep, and a cup of friggin' tea when I finally give up and put my feet on the floor.
OK, so now I have filled my travel mug with hot tea. 
With milk.
That already feels a bit better.
We leave for the gig at 4:30. I'm on about two hours later.
Once again, I have 60 minutes.
Not a great deal of time to reacquaint myself with an audience I haven't played for in 30 years but I'll do what I can.
I'm really getting the message that what I wanted out of what I do, and, again, it was never much, is simply not available to me anymore.
I keep hoping I'm missing the point, but, to be honest, I believe the goal post has moved.
And not just a few feet.
Miles and miles.
It's no longer about being creative or expressing yourself and I truly don't expect that will change anymore.
One of the reasons it won't is because a lot of today's 'artists' (ahem!) just wanna be 'famous' and to hell with self expression.
That's perfect for the money people.
Put 'em on TV and give them a glimpse of what it would be like to live like the people they admire.
That oughta shut them up and keep them striving for an unattainable pot of gold at the end of a crayon rainbow.
I've noticed that the contestants on those 'talent' shows are made to feel like they're wildly successful during the competition.
This keeps them blindly working towards an empty return.
I remember so many bands that used to get courted by big labels in the old days and thinking they were 'special' because there were tables full of lobster and champagne laid out for them backstage.
What they weren't told was that they weren't going to see a fucking penny until all of that cost was totally recouped. And, ironically, most of that feast gets eaten and drunk up while the band is onstage by the people who eventually get paid back for it.
Hook rarely had any of that lavished on them.
Know why?
Because we weren't the ones who actually saw the money in the end and the ones that were going to benefit certainly didn't want the assholes in the band feeling special at their expense.
I lose sleep over how I'm gonna carry on these days.
No, not how.
Call me a pussy.
I'm just not sure I have it in me to do what is required of me in order to stay in this game.
It takes three days on the road to be afforded an hour to do what I do and even that is expected to be a retread of something I did 30+ years ago.
I guess that's a dream gig to someone who's run out of ideas.
Or energy.
I'd love to have a reason to record another album.
To do another tour showcasing some of my new stuff along side the old favorites.
I don't see that happening tho.
It puts a lot of pressure on endeavors like the upcoming arts festival and my cartoon display.
I'd like to just enjoy the fact that I'm getting to show folks something that naturally comes from my head and heart, but, suddenly, part of me hopes it will earn me a living and that's just unrealistic.
I can't see things going on like they are for much longer.
There are still no concrete plans for next year.
Everything that comes up makes me cringe and doesn't go very far towards motivating me to continue to live in hotels for months on end just to spend a few hours every night rehashing something I did decades ago.
I don't need attention and applause that badly.
So that leaves money.
And I've never been good at making decisions based on that alone.
Which is why I didn't carry on as Dr Hook.
I licensed the name to 'the other guy' who seems to have milked it to death and his benefit.
More power to him.
I hope it's brought him peace of mind but I find that hard to fathom.
For me, it was always about the excitement of creating something new.
I should have seen it coming years ago when Hook went from playing great songs and doing fun, unpredictable shows to releasing tracks that our 'minders' reckoned would rake in the bucks.
And, in a few cases, they were right.
I might feel differently had we reaped a good bit of that reward.
What we got, shades of the neXtFactor, was 'famous' and little else.
Truth is, once we decided to call it quits we had to stay out there in order to pay an outrageous amount of money to get out of our contracts.
A matter of months after it ended I went from international 'stardom' to being broke, living in a shitty apartment in Nashville, on unemployment checks totalling $180 every two weeks.
I live better than that now without all the faux fame.
Needless to say, it doesn't encourage me to revisit a career that didn't do much for any of us the first time around.
I've learned that people don't like to hear this stuff.
They prefer to remind me of how much fun it looked like we were having together.
And we were.
Until we weren't.
Then the task became to pretend that was still the case, but we all knew that what we'd known was over.
It didn't last too much longer after it went there.
Another reason I can live without seeing my life played out on the internet.
It doesn't necessarily tell the truth.
When Sawyer quit the band in 1981 to go his own way, leaving the rest of us to move on without him, he soon found out just how impossible it was gonna be for the guy with the eyepatch and cowboy hat to do anything else.
That's when he went back to being Dr Hook and all the legal shit started.
I sometimes regret getting into all that bullshit now, spending countless time and money trying to defend and protect the trademark.
I could have walked away from the whole thing, forsaken the fucking name and given myself a chance to find out what was out there for me.
But I felt it was the right thing to do at the time and, given a chance to do it over, I would most likely do the same thing.
I disappeared from the public eye, laid low and stayed quiet for a long time while the legal battles dragged on and on.
I finally got to take a whole breath and, as I exhaled, I released my first solo album.
At 50 years old.
And my last at 60. 
It was necessary to try and convince myself that it might not be too late for new beginnings in the music field.
I finally saw the writing on the wall, as far as this business is concerned. 
It isn't pretty.

I'll be back later to tell you how the gig was.
Leaving the hotel at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow so it may have to wait until I get home.
We'll see. ~



Posts: 2,082

I'm gonna make this brief, mostly because there isn't much to say.

I went on about 7pm and played for an hour.
Setlist -
Guess Again
Everybody Loves Me
Only 16
Sharing The Night Together
The Heat
The Millionaire
This Guitar
If Not You
A Little Bit More
Beautiful Woman
Cover Of Rolling Stone
Sylvia's Mother
Figured I'd let them sing and sing they did.
When I walked off the stage it was 8:01.
From every indication it went well.
Long queue at the merchandise table where people seemed very pleased to see me.
Brought Retrospection and Post Cool CDs with us and sold every copy we had but the few we gave to the local radio station to give away in a competition.
It would be nice to come back and do some whole shows, but there are no guarantees.
So, all in all, I'd say it was a singular success.
We leave at 5:30 in the morning and gain an hour coming back so we should land about 8am, UK time.
OK, then.
I'm gone. ~


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