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I was down in the hotel lobby at 5:05 this morning tho we weren't leaving for the airport until 5:30.
I slept rather fitfully anyway and my room was really hot all night.
I opened the window a couple of times but it was noisy down in the street so six of one, y'know?
I was also hoping there might be complimentary tea down at reception.
I guess anyone up at that hour and needing a lift is on their miserable own.
Our flight left from Kobenhavn airport just before half 7 and we gained an hour coming back to London, so with passport control, baggage claim and vehicle rental I still got home a bit after 9.
It's a lovely day here but I'm too beat to take a walk.
I think some grocery shopping might be the order of the day.
Now that I'm going to be home until, uuuuh, whenever I leave again I can buy a few things without wondering if I'll get to consume them before I go. 
You don't ever want to come home after being away for awhile and have something from your refrigerator open the door for you.
Altho maybe leaving a tiny item in there to fester might be a safeguard against losing my keys.

Revisiting my entry of earlier yesterday made me wonder if I sometimes reveal a little too much of myself.
I rarely have an agenda when I sit down to type.
I just begin and let it go where it goes.
I try not to censor myself for fear that it would defeat the purpose of my blog, which is to give folks a glimpse of what goes on in my head and other regions, both onstage and off.
I'm sure some would say I should keep it to myself.
I suppose it might be perceived as me, whinging about my lot in life.
And that's true.
Sometimes that's exactly what I'm doing.
I know it might fly in the face of the happy-go-lucky guy I am when I'm performing, but that's fine.
I don't care to present myself as one dimensional.
There's a great passage from the first book of the Game Of Thrones series where a father is talking to his son about bravery.
His son is telling him how terrified he was in battle and asks, and I paraphrase rather than attempt to find it in the pages, 'But, father, is it possible to be frightened and still be brave?' to which his father replies 'Son, the only time you can be brave is when you're frightened'.
Strong words.

I have recv'd several lovely email of support and encouragement and, as appreciated as they are, it's never my intention to go on a fishing expedition for sympathy.
Believe me, I know what I originally signed on for.
At least I do now.
It's simply not a clear channel and never has been/will be.

So, the arts festival is next.
September 23rd is the day it opens, on an invitation only basis.
Then, for the next ten days, it's open to the public.

I hear that people 'of influence', such as the Mayor of East Grinstead and other local luminaries will be in attendance on the opening day.
That's the day I've agreed to do a short, maybe 45-50 minute, set.
But the coolest thing is that my drawings will be making their debut to people who are not the least bit familiar with them.
Sort of scary, but, to tell you the truth, I have no expectations or ego about it at this point.
I have hopes, sure.
But even if they solicit yawns and indifference I'll still carry on drawing them.
For myself.
And friends.
I'll let you know how things progress.
This coming week I'm going to see the winery where the festival is taking place and be shown where my cartoons will be displayed.
A brand new experience for the Eye-talian singer.

OK. That's me for now. ~


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