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There's been a bit of a friendly scuffle over at Twitter this morning.
Seems some fella was not convinced I was 'the real Dennis Locorriere' because I don't yet have as many followers as Cher!!!
Nor do I have the wigs and/or wardrobe, but that wasn't an issue apparently.
A few folks have come to my defense, bless them.
Sooner or later, Twitter bestows a little blue tick next to your name once they (whoever that is) are convinced you are who you say you are.
I don't have that all important tick next to my name yet.
I'm told it will eventually just mysteriously and without warning appear.
Until then I can only play at being myself.
Or Cher, I suppose.
OK, time for a costime change!

By the way, Whatever's Burning Now has been reprinted on Post Cool Press and is now available from our website.
Nice to have it 'in house'. ~


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