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August 28th
My switch is either ON or OFF.
Oh, I do plenty of this and that when I'm not touring and, amazingly, things seem to keep moving forward in a professional sense.
Sometimes even when I'm not flapping, I'm still flying.
Or, at least, catching a nice breeze to the next place.
The recent Mojo release is a good example.
But, nothing comes close to the intensity level I have to hit and maintain when a tour is in progress.
When it's downtime, I can switch the high voltage off but there is always an undercurrent that keeps pulsing.
I still had a little of the juice running thru me for the entire 15 years after Hook's days of constant touring.
I plugged into it every once in awhile.
For singing on other artists' projects, to cowrite, to do the comparatively few and random gigs that came up, either solo or with a little rock and roll band I was part of called Lost In Detroit.
Shel's play was a big happening in the middle of not so much going on.
But, then, it was back to a low idle again.
But, the current kept running. 
And, it finally became shockingly obvious to me - that charge was either gonna fuel me or burn me alive.
So, slowly, I crept my way back into the fray (and, yes, it is just that!), and, here I am, battered and bruised,  dizzy and confused, but waiting for the next round bell just the same.
When I'm not out doing shows and I find myself with time on my hands, I try to do things that quietly inspire me.
Finding new reasons to do what can become the same old thing is essential.
Probably the the most difficult part of the equation for me.
And it gets a little harder every day.
Over the past several months, I've been to see alot of shows.
Reginald D Hunter, Ricky Gervais, Randy Newman, the plays Morecambe and Jus' Like That, about the lives of Eric M and Tommy Cooper, Penn and Teller and Joan Armatrading.
I love seeing someone up on that stage alone.
Except for Joan, that's what all the other performances were.
OK, Penn and Teller are two magicians, but only Penn ever speaks.
I learn something with every show I see.
That doesn't mean I'll be wearing black horn-rimmed glasses or a fez.
Won't be doing any magic tricks (that you'll know about anyway) or sitting at a piano.
As a matter of fact, the next time you see me and for the most of the rest of the year, I'll be with my five friends in Tomorrow Road.
But, I'll be back on the road in early 2011 doing a series of 'alone with...' shows.
From what I gather, there may be quite a few of them.
I'll get a chance to stretch those muscles in November, when both of my Norwegian shows are solo.
In the meantime, I've been working on that literary project I so mysteriously mentioned a few weeks ago.
It's almost at a stage where I can tell you what it is and when it will become available.
The new DVD will be worked on over the next few months and should be ready by early 2011.
The license is up on my first 2 solo albums, so that means I owe 'em again.
We're putting them into a nice little boxset, with new artwork, liner notes and, hopefully, all the little b-sides and bonus tracks that might have gotten by some people.
Both of these items should be ready and on the merchandise table at my Spring solo shows.
On the creativity front, I haven't sat down to write a song in months.
There are things rolling around in the back of my head but I just haven't tried to kick 'em to the front yet.
Not sweating it yet.
I know me.
Sooner or later, I'll be working on several songs at the same time.
There are whispers on the wind about some Canadian shows for next summer.

That's all they are right now.
But it would be nice.
Ok, folks.
Consider this my 'hope everyone had a nice summer and I'll see you soon' post.
'Cuz that's exaaaaaaaaaaaaactly what it is.
Later. ~


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