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February 28th

Walked into town and the sun was shining, the skies were blue but a constant light sprinkle of rain followed me all the way.
Couldn't even see it.
You just knew you were getting wet.
A little later it hailed, after which the sun came back and then, suddenly, it got very cold.

I'm having a personal weather crisis as I try to work out how and what to pack for Australia.
I know it won't quite be winter yet but we'll have been all across the continent by the end of the tour
So far that stuff is unsettling me more than the show.
I've gotten used to using the back seat of our tour car as luggage.
Now I'll have to be ready to comply with airline requirements every few days.
It wasn't so long ago that it felt like it was ages until the Australian tour.
And now?
Not so much.
I did a bunch of interviews for the tour on Tuesday night here, Wednesday morning there.
It's a different mindset talking to folks that haven't seen you in a very long time.
Fifteen years in this case.
Imagine going to meet an old friend that you haven't been in close contact with for quite awhile.
You'd be a bit nervous about how you were going to look and seem to them after so much time has passed.
And visa versa.
It's like that.
I'm glad I stuck to bringing my solo tour downunder.
I reckon if the big question is going to be 'So, who are you now compared to who you were then?' that I should answer it as simply and definitively as I can.
I've heard it said that you should never define yourself by what you do for a living.
But that's exactly what I believe my job is.
Defining myself.
Hopefully, to receptive people.
I'm getting more and more excited about the tour, but I'm also very apprehensive.
How could I not be?
It's like jumping out of an airplane, fer f8ck's sake.
At least the way I do it is.

Ten days until the release of Timeless.
The animated TV ads should start running in the next week.
It looks really colourful and cool

I'm pleased with how seriously Universal took this release.
It's the first for their label and they want it to be successful.
I'm glad they agreed to make it a double CD set.
The first CD is full of the more mainstream material, from Sylvia to Sexy Eyes, from Carry Me, Carry (which, by the way is a first on a package like this) to Years From Now, with all 'the hits' in between.
What makes this set not just another 'greatest hits' collection is the second CD.
That disc showcases the funny, raunchier side of the band, like Freaker's Ball (another first on a package like this), Levitate and The Millionaire, and the rockier stuff like Let The Loose End Drag, What Away To Go and a killer 'live' version of Ooo Poo Pa Doo.
Maybe they weren't all big hit singles but they were as important to the band's musical history as anything on disc one and the good news is they might finally get a fair listen when presented in this context.
I've already heard some social network grumblings about there not being anything 'rare' or 'unreleased' on the set.
That wasn't the purpose here.
If you already own every track on Timeless then
A) Thank you very much for a lifetime of your support
B) You don't have to buy this particular set (unless, of course, you just have to have all these great tracks in one place. It's also a very striking package.).
I've also heard some whinging that I'm singing every song on the first CD.
Big f8cking deal.
That's the way it fell for Dr Hook, commercially speaking, folks.
End of story
Shall I apologize?
Hell, no!

I laughed out loud when I was told that some 'ex'spurt' actually made the comment that the more songs I sing on one of these projects the more money I get.
I love when these big mouths are wrong.

Except for a dwindling number of shit stirrers who like to 'keep score', most people don't even know who the hell sang what anyway.
Trust me on that.
We all have our crosses to bear.
Take a look at Hook's listings on Amazon sometime.
There are plenty of 'best of' compilation albums available featuring only Ray's photo on the cover, yet, if you turn it over you'll find that, in many instances, I'm the singer of most, if not all of the songs.
Do I like that?
F8ck no!
But do I understand that Ray had the most iconic visual image and that's why they go with his face on the front of a package they're hoping to sell?
Same goes for why the tracks I sang get released again and again.
It's just a matter of how it was perceived and how it's remembered.
Truth is nobody would know what any of us look like, then or now, if it wasn't for the internet.
And, guess what?
Nobody really cares.
And, at this point, neither do I.
If the goal is to attract a new market for our recorded work then what's the point of having a dated old photo of a bunch of guys in bell bottoms and shag haircuts on the cover?
I get lovely email saying how 'cute' I am, based on something someone just saw on YouTube.
Doesn't matter to them that they're all looking at my baby pictures.
And, again, I don't mind.
As long as I'm not expected to tour in nappies.
Still waiting to hear about my radio and TV promo schedule.
Things are being bandied about but I don't want to mention anything that may move or not happen at all.
Chris Evans on March 14th is a definite, as is Robert Elms show on BBC London later that same day.
I'll also be doing lots of individual regional radio interviews from Broadcasthouse in London.
If I hear more I'll let you know.
That also goes for the air dates on the pre-recorded Australian radio chats.

OK, folks.
Enjoy the weekend.
I'm inclined to lay low.
It won't be long before I'm stretched to the max. ~


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