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Well, the tour has started in a big way.
My pal, Adrian, who is the tour and production manager, has done another brilliant job of seemlessly putting a million different pieces together.
The production aspects of the show, i.e. lighting, sound, are wonderful.
The band is tighter than ever.
I feel pretty goddamned good.
Four shows in and I think we're all seeing that, despite the relentless travel and hotel living, the end results will be very fullfilling
Something we can all be proud of.
Opening night in Cardiff was what you'd like a first night to be.
Great venue.
Packed house, full of people that immediately let you know they really want to be there and they're extremely pleased to see you.
In that environment, how can you do anything less than everything you can to make it a special experience?
When I leave the stage at the end of the show I want to feel that a real connection was made.
The rest of the shows, in Malvern, Cheltenham and Torquay, were equally as exciting, satisfying and good fun.
I have every reason to believe this shall carry on until the lights go down after the last show.
We have a few days off now, but we hit the road running with five consecutive shows, begiining Wednesday at Cliffs End Pavilion.
To answer a question I've been asked frequently, yes, we have hoodies, t-shirts, brochures and CDs on sale at gigs, including the 'live' CD you may have seen mentioned on social media.
I will check in as often as I can, but it's moving like a freight train, friends.
Sometimes it gets hard to type and hold on at the same time! ~


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