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Posts: 79
Hi every body.
Some good news if you dont have the first 3 albums.
Available on preorder from Amazon £11.99.
Release date set for 5th May 2008.
Go on make somebodies day!

Even if you do have them they should sound alot better now that they've been remastered.
Glad somebody at the label (CBS/SONY) finally gave a sh*t.
EMI/Capitol needs to follow suit with A Little Bit More and the ones that haven't even been released on CD after all these years.
Thanks for the post, but I couldn't find the Amazon listing for this set.



Posts: 1,158

Hmmm - my original albums ARE a bit the worse for wear!  Think I might just order those.  Couldn't find them at first either, but here they are:-

And, yes, I'd really love to have "A Little Bit More" on CD - the REAL version that is!!

V x

If you go to the pre-order page and scroll down it says:

Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought


Dear Mr Fantasy DVD ~ Various

5.0 out of 5 stars (2)£12.99
I like that! ~


Posts: 9
Thanks Ron, just ordered my copy. My vinyls are a bit worn by now


Posts: 79

Like you DL, I could not find a track listing on Amazon.


I am interested in how they are going to split the tracks over the 2 CDs.


So I got in touch with Andy Gray from Beat Goes On Records, Bury St Edmunds


Who told me that,


"Re-Mastering not finished as yet so Track Listing split not available".


Personally I think that the 3 LPs work well in their original format.

To split one of the LPs, with half the tracks on CD 1 and the other half on CD 2, will lose something of the impact of hearing the LPs has they were produced.


Look at the running times of the three original albums and you might be able to work out just about where Sloppy Seconds will be broken.

It would be a shame.

You might have to make your own 'new' versions on separate CDs.


But hey, at least the tracks will be re-mastered.


Damn right!!!


DL, does this mean that the record label have somehow got hold of the rights to produce this compilation?


The record labels - in this case SONY - own the master recordings.

What do you think they get for their, uh, money? 
They have the right to release 'em in whatever form they wish. ~


Posts: 79

I agree with you that it would be shame to break up "Sloppy Seconds".

I have listened to it this evening and continue think that its one of the best second albums, always a difficult thing to pull off, of any that I have heard.

It’s such a great collection of songs.

I'll take your advice and create my own CD from the re-mastered tracks.


Not that I am condoning this sort of thing you understand. 


Posts: 712

....so , even more confusingly , will when the end of the first side of the (BU) record is over ( y' know , the bit when we've all got big loops under our eyes ) will that be in the middle of CD-2 now ?

Well, it would have wound up in the middle of whatever CD it was put on, no?
(Durghhhh !! You're right again , Mr L !)

Woo-Hoo ... I wonder if those nice people at BGO remembered to put the in-depth interview single on too ?

The first two albums on one disc and the third with the interview single included on the second...
Now that would be cool.
Don't hold yer breath. ~ 

(Still breathing at this end ....)



(ps : Nice one , Mr W !)


Posts: 79
Oh Joy Oh Joy.....This is going to be a 3 CD set. No splitting up of tracks.
Definitely worth the investment as they are remastered.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Sylvia's Mother
2. Marie Laveaux
3. Sing Me A Rainbow
4. Hey, Lady Godiva
5. Four Years Older Than Me
6. Kiss It Away
7. Makin' It Natural
8. I Call That True Love
9. When She Cries
10. Judy
11. Mama, I'll Sing One Song For You
Disc: 2
1. Freaker's Ball
2. If I'd Only Come And Gone
3. Carry Me, Carrie
4. The Things I Didn't Say
5. Get My Rocks Off
6. Last Mornin
7. I Can't Touch The Sun
8. Queen Of The Silver Dollar
9. Turn On The World
10. Stayin' Song
11. The Cover Of Rolling Stone
Disc: 3
1. Acapulco Goldie
2. Penicillin Penny
3. Life Ain't Easy
4. When Lilly Was Queen
5. Monterey Jack
6. You Ain't Got The Right
7. Put A Little Bit On Me
8. Ballad Of Roland The Roadie & Gertrude The Groupie
9. Come On In

10. The Wonderful Soup Stone

That's great!
they've been shown some respect.
Thanks to whoever gave a sh*t! ~


Posts: 79

Link to BGO label below

Looks like its going to be a 2 cd set with 2 on 1 CD and 1 on the other.


I aint bothered cause I have already placed my order with Amazon.

Still better than breaking any of the albums up. ~

Posts: 208

I just wish they'd decide finally how it's gonna be produced as it's so frustrating that despatch keeps getting delayed.


Posts: 227
Me too, Mines been put back till 3rd-6th June, so frustrating....Lyn

Posts: 712

Woo-Hoooo ! Amazon say they've shipped mine today !

Let me know if you think there is a discernible difference, i.e. improvement, in the sound quality.
Because the albums were recorded analog and so long ago I can't help but wonder if more clarity will be a good thing or not.
It also says there are 'extensive new notes' included in this package.
Depending on who wrote them - and there seem to be soooo many 'experts' out there these days - will determine how much of either they actually are.
When you recv your copy, let us know that too, please. ~

P.S. Yes, I will eventually get my own copy, but you'll definitely have yours first.



Posts: 208
Yaaaaaaaay, just checked my emails and those lovely people at Amazon say my copy's on it's way to me too ....... by Royal Mail, so it may take a while yet!!


Posts: 712

You know what , Dennis ?
I have a terrible feeling some of those 'spurts will massively sweeping generalised comment something along the lines of  :

"Us true Dr Hook fans prefer the warmth of an anal-og recording .
We don't like the almost clinical cleanliness of this new digital era .
We preferred it when you sounded like you were frying bacon in the studio  , man !"

But let's hope not , eh ?

Gramaphone wound up and ready to compare-and-contrast ... watch this space , playmates !

Know what?
They'll have to buy one to bitch about it.

P.S. "We true classical music afficianados simply will not support an artist who refuses to perform in anything other than the traditional powdered wig!"

P.P.S. Psssssst.
Don't tell anyone but they probably all have copies of my 'terrible' CDs and DVDs too. ~


Posts: 227

My CDs have just this minute come,  and I'm listening to Sylvias Mother which to my uneducated ear sounds pretty good! nice packaging too. Hope everybody elses comes quickly too. .......Lyn




Posts: 2,075
So...who contributed the 'extensive new notes'?
I'm just dyyyyyyyyyyyyying to know. ~

Posts: 227

Sorry Dennis, better to ask Andy about the "extensive new notes" I'm just happy listening to the music ...Lyn
p.s. hope you dont have to wait toooooooo long! x

Thanks. I was actually asking whoever wants to tell me... ~

Thank goodness for that!!

Posts: 7
Just opened mine. Extensive notes by 'John Tobler, Washington UK, 2008. Tickets go on sale for York concert this Wednesday.

That's a relief! 
John Tobler is one of the best music writers around and he's been around a long time.

Ran into him somewhere recently. Could it have been Joe Brown's London Palladium show? 
Thanks, Miker. ~


Posts: 712
Didn't I read somewhere that JT (THIS JT not YOUR JT!) was something like "Press Officer" for CBS/Columbia (UK) back in early 70's when DH were on the label ? Hopefully it'll be a good and accurate write-up . Think he did notes for the vinyl "B of LJ" Compo' albumum too but don't have the vaults open to check .

Mr Tobler did the notes on the back cover the CBS Lucy Jordan LP.
Heard that it was his stomach featured on the cover too, but that may have just been a rumor. Hope so, for his sake. ~


Posts: 1,158
John Tobler - I've heard that name mentioned before somewhere - I think maybe it was in Sev's blog on the H&H tour. 
My CDs arrived today, too - I just flicked through the liner notes and  a large percentage of them are in your own words - by way of DL quotes!  

There was a chance, depending on who had done the notes, that I wouldn't have been mentioned at all, so I'm pleasantly surprised by what you say.
Tho, logically (and ironically), I am the only one who really still talks about or promotes Hook (ever see anything current or positive coming from anywhere else?) and, therefore, the most likely to be quoted anew. ~

I've listened to the first few tracks - lovely, haunting, sound quality on the instrumentals on 'Josie' and 'When She Cries'.  I'm not very good at describing that sort of thing, though - I'll leave it to Andy!

p.s. Thanks 'miker' - just noticed your message about tickets for DL's York concert!


Posts: 130
Thanks to all who have provided the information regarding the release of these CDs - because of this there is now a happy bunny in Plymouth

Ooooh...bunnies like the old Hook stuff?
Ever test it on hamsters? ~

Posts: 208

My CDs were waiting for me when I got home from work today.

As the first Dr Hook album passed me by at the time (no idea how that happened), I was really keen to hear that one.

Oh my God, I can't get past the track 'Kiss it Away' - WHOOOOOOOW, Dennis the raw emotion you put into that track just takes my breath away; I swear my heart stops beating!  Any chance of you resurrecting (sorry, that's probably not the right word) ... adding this to the set list for your tour dates?

Now my blood pressure is starting to get back to normal I guess I'd better start listening to the other tracks ...

Kiss It Away was a one-off, originally done as a song 'demo' for Shel.
That performance just came out.
I tried to do it 'live' a few times early on , but it always felt like I was contriving the raw emotion that was on the recording, so I dropped it.
For good.
I still, to this day, can't think of a way to do it in concert and be happy with it.  ~


Posts: 208
I understand ... so many times things we do 'off the cuff' in any part of our lives can never be replicated and often get lost for ever once the moment's passed.

I, for one, am so pleased that KIA didn't get away and has been recorded for prosperity.  This track has shot to the top of my favourites list.  Thanks to Shel, yet again.

BTW, the sound quality on the albums, on my bog standard equipment and to my amateur ears, seems really good.

Posts: 712

Nice little package (as the actress said to the Bishop !)
Just had a quick play thru' and it mainly sounds a bit crisper and brighter tho' SS still a bit hissy I think ... but at least it's Digital Hiss ! Nice to hear all of BU songs in the same order as I came to know and love them as a spotty face oik way back when !


I'll give it a more critical listen to later - just hope "they" haven't buggered about (I think that's a bona-fide audio-geek-techno-term ?) with the stereo separation , balance and mix like someone did on the "I Got Stoned .." compo CD !

Anyhoo , for those of you wishing to read JTs notes , I'll briefly post them H E R E   ... at least until JT , CBS , Columbia , Sony or BGO sue my lily-white-country-boy ass for reproducing it ! Enjoy !

Thanks Andy!
Well, I had no idea!
I remember having that conversation with John T.
It was long before the March 2008 date of the notes.
Didn't know where it would wind up at the time.
Nice that they used alot of the original artwork, i.e. photos and credits, etc.
Funny to see some of the people we 'thanked'. ~

You're Welcome , DL ! As well as all the original artwork , credits  and photos , all the lyrics are in there too (I didn't bother with those ... I kinda guess you know most of 'em!) I recognise a couple of pix from Rolling Stone in there (JD with drum , you with 'phones in the studio)

I believe those pics were also on the Sloppy Seconds LP sleeve.
There's that cool one of Jance looking like all 7 of Snow White's little buddies.
We told him that when we first saw it. ~


Posts: 79

The postmen finally found his way to my door and dropped my copy on the door mat.

I have found time to listen to all 3. Nice crisp sound.
Oh the memories just came flooding back.
Sloppy Seconds continues to shine son.
I would just like to give a big shout out to the people at BGO records for doing such a good job.
Thanks Guys. 


On my LP of Sloppy Seconds "Freakers Ball" runs straight into "If I'd Only Come and Gone" without a break which I really liked.
Shame they didnt reproduce that on this CD.

Yes, we placed them like that on the album.
One more 'you woulda thought...' and one more siiiiiggh. ~


Posts: 712

I thought it sounded familiar ...
those liner notes are about 75% of what was in the DL / JT Interview that appeared in Country Music People magazine back in May 1997 .

Like I said, I remember talking to JT.

Wasn't aware I was a 'country music people' tho. ~


Another busy day in The Archives  . . .


Posts: 103
I just ordered these first 3 albums from Amazon as well. I ALWAYS appreciate ANY improvement on sound and besides it DOES seem to be a very nice package! Great songs-great lyrics!!!

you don't know me

Posts: 103
Well i just recieved this excellent package. The booklet was so thick(38 pages) i could hardly get it out of the CD. This certainly represents excellent $ value and YES i could hear improvements in the sound Queen of the Silver Dollar sounded 'great' and BELLY UP cd sounded so raw/earthy!  I noted NO LYRICS were in the booklet for song # 23 on CD1...but looking at the title i can (guess why!) with that lovely raw/earthy sound on songs like Life Ain't Easy on disc 2 and that Wonderful Soupstone this excellent value and remastered package has made me re-appreciate these early Albums.Kiss it Away on CD1 again shows Dennis and his great early vocal. Probably this would be the best and certainly best value 2 CD set i have bought in a very long time. 10/10 and thoroughly recommended!
          Also thanks Dennis for your post regarding not being able to tour Australia. I guessed that events and the tour early in the year influenced this. Of cource  we 'down under' fans are still here and (when i can afford it) i DO visit the UK, but not very often. When you do next visit Aussie i'll be their to listen Anyhow meanwhile its back to this 2 CD package for me..like the old TV shows they are oldies but goodies

you don't know me

Posts: 26
Like everyone I was excited to get this set.... Hey DL who owns the rights to Players In The Dark & Rising these 2 would make a great double cd set. I also hope they finally get a good issue of A Little Bit More.
The labels own the rights to the recordings.
The more that come out, the more that probably will.
Said it a few times myself - ALBM needs a proper release with relevant 'bonus' tracks, like 'Stuck On The Wrong Side Of Love' and 'Never Got To Know Her Very Well', which were recorded during the same sessions.
I'm not wearing my snorkel tho. ~

Steve Kosinar

Posts: 26

I agree ALBM should be re-released it is such a great album, The same with PITD.... I loved the tunes Pity The Fool and Loveline.... while we are talking about ALBM how was it to work Waylon Jennings on "What About You", that is one of my favorite cuts on the album.

Waylon was great.
A real champion for us down in Nashville when long hairs were still looked upon as ammonia breathing aliens. 
He's the one who suggested I sing What About You in the first place.
What a song!
It's his band on the track.
WJ once told me that if Hook ever split up I would 'always have a job as 'rhythm guitar' in his band.
It never happened, but it's nice to have a permanent recording of this one song together.
One of my faves too. ~

Steve Kosinar

Posts: 26

That is so cool to hear, Ol' Waylon was one of kind.... I always thought he did a great Job on "A Couple More Years", That would have been a great gig to get to play with Waylon. I never have been able to figure out why the country format never really gave you guys the credit you deserved my God as far as I'm concerned you brought as much to country as the Eagles did. That's what turned me on to you guys is the different styles you brought to the table, even now you are still doing that and I thank you for that... your new music is better than anything Nashville is putting out these days.
Thank for your response....

We certainly did break some new ground in that town.
It seemed to me that we helped make it acceptable to have long hair and still play country music.
Waylon's endorsement didn't hurt.
As far as The Eagles, country radio wouldn't play them originally either because of their 'look'.
It was only later, in oldies rotation, that they made it on to that format.
Recording with Travis Tritt helped to pave their way in.
I recall seeing 'When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman' on a country compilation a few years back and thinking 'Oh, so it's OK now, huh?'
If you live long enough you watch things change. ~

Steve Kosinar

Posts: 26
No doubt.... I remember you did some background work for Tritt on his first album. When I bought it I and read the cover work and saw your name I said that's cool. What a lot of young listeners don't understand is that artists like Triit drew from your influence and that's why they are where they are today. I was watching the H & H DVD and my daughter sat down and watched it with me she is 8 and she said who is this I told her and she listened and listened and listened and she said I like his voice is he a new singer....   Ha Ha.... I said no honey let me show you something and I pulled out my old albums and showed her and she was blown away. Now she wants to listen to Sylvia and especially If Not You..... I played Levitate for her and my son and they went bonkers... so now that is there big song. Sorry for rambling...
I worked on the first two or 3 Travis Tritt albums.
Also did a couple 'live' shows with him (as a bg vocalist) that were recorded for some radio programme.
I liked doing background vocals in the studio and going home, rather than back to the hotel or bus.
Did a couple John Hiatt albums too.
They were some of my faves.
Admired Hiatt's stuff. Was cool to work with him. ~

Steve Kosinar

Posts: 136
My older sister is a huge country music fan but pride of place in her extensive collection is all of the original Dr Hook albums. Interestingly however, my daughter who does not usually share her Aunt's taste in music asked me the other day if I had got her a ticket to go see Dennis Locorriere in Belfast.

I think this demonstrates Dennis how infectious your songs old and new really are as they both like listening to the solo albums too. It bridges  generation gaps and appeals to all regardless of other individual preferences.

Quite a feat!


Posts: 26

That says a lot for an artist that can have staying power thru the generations, I love sharing great music with my children.... I hope DL gets a chance to come back to the states for some shows I know me and my family will be there.

Steve Kosinar

Posts: 158
My CDs arrived today. Brilliant. All of it. I remember what was going on in my life when I first heard those songs. I laughed at one song, cried on another. I listened to "The Things I Didn't say" for the first time in years and it brought some painful memories to mind but half way through the song I realized that even a slow healing heart mends and I found myself feeling strangely joyful. No alcohol involved; I don't drink. Just some very excellent music. Thanks Dennis and others. 

Another brilliant Shel song.
I can tell I'm gonna wind up with too many songs to consider for the Fall tour.
(I should always have such problems!)  ~


Posts: 79
I sent the following email to Andy at BGO records the other day

Great job on the Dr Hook collection!

Do you have plans do produce any of the Capital Record recordings such as Bankrupt, A Little Bit More & Sometimes You Win to name just  3.


He replied


Being considered.
Lets keep our collective fingers crossed.

Posts: 214
Been listening to these CD's since I received them constantly - the more I listen the more I like them, especially songs like "Sing me a Rainbow" "When she cries" and "Mama I sing one song for you" (that brings a few tears to the eyes) - but all the songs are great, a bit like the story that Dennis has told us about Shel - you think you have a favorite till you hear the next one.
Hope some will be in the Fall Show.
Back to my MP3.


Posts: 136

Had some time recently to really listen to the CD's. I absolutely love 'Sing Me A Rainbow' and 'The Things I Didn't Say'. Shel Silverstein was a genius and we are very privileged to have the legacy of his lyrics. Also that he chose DL to sing them. They are all brilliant though, and the sound is very good too.

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